Empowering women in finance

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Aims, Mission & Values

Our Aims

We aim to Engage, Educate and Empower women. By writing in plain language and sharing information openly about money, we aim to help women take control of their financial independence.

At the core of our company is our community. No matter how much we think we know, there is someone out there who knows a lot more and we can all learn from her. By engaging our community of women, we can all benefit.  This is a working model that has been proven by the likes of Wikipedia.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to tackle the marginalisation of women and the exclusion of many women from the inner sanctums of the investment world. We will strive to facilitate social change through increasing savings and investment.

Our Values

Ethical Financial Services Pty Ltd and Pink Investments encourages a more responsible and transparent use of money. We deliver our mission as a team, underpinning our work with a set of agreed core values which define our company. These are:

  • Be Honest
  • Be People Focused
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Innovative
  • Be Committed

These values run throughout our company, from the back office to our customer-facing staff and are incorporated into everyone's role, so that they filter through all our processes and decisions. They are also used to measure the overall delivery of a unique, caring, creative and passionate service by the team.

You can make use of  all our FREE online resources to start on your path to financial independence.


Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.