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The 5:2 Diet

Don't forget your 'non' financial portfolio

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 "Your personal and social 'portfolio' is just as important as your financial one. Taking time to invest in your personal network, physical & emotional health, personal development, your career and your family & friends, is vital to your wealth & wellbeing."

Yvonne Jenkins Director Ethical Financial Services

Women understand that there are other kinds of wealth than just money.  The word 'wealth' originates from the old English word 'Weal', which means wellbeing or welfare.

The way that women relate to money is in keeping with this original meaning. We have found that the vast majority of women are forward looking. They believe that their own welfare is interwoven with the welfare of their family, community and of society as a whole.

A study by Citibank UK, conducted in 2009, interviewed 400 women and asked them about their financial wellbeing. Their results found many women lacked financial know-how and were still lagging behind men in their knowledge of investing.

Whilst these are important findings it doesn't offer a fresh 'women centric' approach to redressing this balance.

A fresh approach

Pink Investments recognises the importance of a holistic approach. Redressing this balance can't be achieved at the cost of sacrificing your health and wellbeing.  Our fresh approach to financial independence is built on you achieving this health, wealth and wellbeing balance.

If your body and soul are in good shape, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions in your financial life. If you have found that delicate balance required to juggle family, work and social lives, then you have already laid the foundation to achieving financial balance.

We know that to succeed women will need to weave this financial aspect into their existing daily routines. The Pink investments website is here to simplify this task, by providing you with a wealth of unbiased information, resources and learning opportunities that are women centric.

Expand your existing discipline

If you have the discipline to attend a weekly yoga class, gym session, diet club, daily walk or aqua aerobics class then you have got what it takes to achieve wealth and wellbeing. By incorporating a financial practice into your existing personal health and development routine, you will start to establish your wealth & wellbeing balance.

Use your natural talents

It is essential for many women to combine activities to make the most of available time. Getting together with mothers, daughters, sisters or friends and participating in a healthy activity is a common practice and one that can easily be extended to achieving your financial goals. This type of multi-tasking is second nature to most women. Use this natural talent to your advantage. Good multi-taskers make excellent investors. 

Active participation to achieve wealth & wellbeing balance

The focus of Yoga is a holistic one. Likewise, your financial wellbeing also has many dimensions. The principle required to make full use of our resources is exactly the same as is needed to achieve wealth and wellbeing, active participation and balance. There is a real connection between self-care, self-worth and net worth. 

Woman in yoga lotus position

Your Five Financial Mantras

Mantras are very powerful tools of the mind and body. They will help you to retain focus and success even in difficult times. Women today are bombarded with streams of financial information that can confuse and overpower our financial senses.

By bringing these mantras into your everyday life, you will be able to strengthen your internal focus. This will help you achieve all the benefits that come with a wealth and wellbeing balance.


Stop reacting emotionally to matters that involve money. Make educated and informed decisions. Change impulse choices to informed choices.

 Resist the lure of debt. Live within your means and be content with what you already have.

Honestly and thoroughly review you current financial situation. Indentify where you can regain control and make savings. *

 Educate yourself about all the aspects of money that impact your everyday life. Retrain bad habits and replace them with new positive practices. Increase everyday the amount of things you buy with cash, until you have no further need for credit cards or borrowing.

 Reap the rewards with your new found focus and knowledge.

All the resources that you will need to put into effect your financial mantras are on hand. You will find these in our learning centre, e-book and club member services.  
*To assist you with reviewing your financial knowledge take our financial
health quiz

Financial Health Quiz

  Download your five financial mantas here

Financial Mantras 

To learn more about this subject and many others, visit our learning centre and take some of our free online courses.

Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.
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