Pink Investments Commentary. Commentary on the state of the international investment scene. en-us 2021-05-12 Custom Pink Investments Commentary : 2012-06-01 Market Update - June 1st 2012  Many of us will be wishing we had indeed "sold in May and gone away" as May proved to be the worst month since last September, for the stockmarket. Even the massive Facebook Inc IPO could not bouy the markets up for long. Infact Facebook shares have fallen in six of its nine trading sessions, so far. Overall investor sentiment has sunk during the last month,due to lingering economic concerns, the relentless Euro-zone debt crisis and still high rates of unemployment in the UK, USA and Europe. Spain is at the centre of the latest European developments as concerns grow that Madrid\'s government will sooner or later have to ask for outside help for its banks. Greece is still hovering on the verge of leaving the Euro. Commodity prices also fell with the euro at 23-month lows against the U.S. dollar. But the US dollar weakened sharply versus the yen, a sign that investors are moving money into perceived safe havens. Gold made a strong start this year, but it has been sliding for the last four months. It may stage a bit of a recovery if the huge volatility on the equity, commodity and forex markets continues. For the last eleven years, gold has been gaining popularity and seeing regular price increases. Acting as an inflation hedge, a gold investment is considered a safe haven investment in both the economic upturns and downturns. It offers diversification benefits for the long-term investors making it the most attractive investment metal in the world.                           2012-06-01