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Jane Austen to feature on banknotes


The Bank of England, one of the uk's oldest institutions, listened to the voices of 35,000 people - it changed its plans not to feature any women on banknotes and announced they will put Jane Austen on the next ten pound note. It happened because three months ago Caroline Criado-Perez read that the Bank intended to replace the only historical woman on banknotes. Caroline was outraged to think that yet another decision was about to be made that would airbrush women out of history. Should could not let that go without challenge. Thank you Caroline!

We are huge fans of Jane Austen here at Pink Investments. Our colleague Ruth, has penned a scenario that Pride & Prejudice fans will find really clever and amusing:

Mrs Bennet and the two eldest Miss Bennet's are enjoying unseasonably warm weather for their morning stroll from Meryton to the village of Longbourn. The walk was necessary to amuse their morning hours and furnish conversation for the evening, and indeed this morning offered great promise.
Mrs Bennet: Dear girls, have you heard of this notion of the image of a woman on your fathers bank notes?
Lizzie Bennet: I have. Perhaps we should have the next 43 years with only women in order to set the balance right? With a token man to remind us that they are there!
Jane Bennet (laughing) Pray tell us who would you honour with that highly esteemed position Lizzie?
Lizzie Bennet: Oh, Mr Collins would do very well, he would look delightfully proud.
Mrs Bennet: Good Heavens child! Not Mr Collins, he has no chin!" Indeed, I shall be relieved to see the disconcerting  Mr Darwin retreat. Why, he looks quite wild!
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