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K9 electric bus helps BYD raise income by 700%


Warren Buffett-backed BYD company has raised its net income by 700% in the third-quarter!
Shenzhen-based BYD has signed contracts this year to supply a total of 35 K9 electric buses to Long Beach and Los Angeles for use in public transportation. It also won an order in the Netherlands, and began trials in Poland and Canada. In China, BYD’s electric bus is in operation in cities including Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi’an, Tianjin and 800 of its e6 all-electric cars are used as taxis in its home city. The company has a vision to create a zero-carbon and zero-emission eco-environmental system. BYD’s new energy strategy is to use solar panels to transfer energy to battery energy-storage stations that can then be used to charge electric vehicles. Who said all Chinese companies are not environmentally friendly?

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