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Happy International Women's Day to all our readers!
Happy International Women's Day

Autographs can be a fun investment
Autographs can be a fun investment and fund your retirement!

Mortgage crisis of graduates
What young person can afford a mortgage nowadays?

Bitcoin the latest fad or currency of the future?
Will Bitcoin crash or make you a millionaire in the future?

K9 electric bus helps BYD raise income by 700%
K9 electric bus helps BYD raise income by 700%

Yingli Green Energy doubles in a month!
Renewable energy stocks on the rebound

Wholefoods up over 400%
Wholefoods to appeal to low income households

Premium Bonds V National Lottery
Which do YOU have the best chance of winning?

Beatles autographs could fund YOUR retirement!
Fab four autographs worth a fortune.

Interest in renewable energy gets a boost from China!
Renewable energy boost for companies like Suntech and Yingli Green Energy.

Penny Black stamps worth a fortune!
An envelope with Penny Black stamps has just been valued at 300,000

American Super Conductor may have the wind behind it again!
AMSC could be about to rebound.

Market Overview
Glimmers of hope in the US and Europe

58% of women do not know the value of their pension pot
Close the knowledge gap on pensions

Printing money ad infinitum...
The printing of yet more money by the Fed briefly fuelled some hope in the markets...

UK Advertising Sponsorship Executive - Pink Investments
Pink Investments is currently recruiting a Uk sales team - could this be your dream job?

Market update
The Eurozone debt crisis started with Greece nearly three years ago...

Continuing eurozone crisis favours bonds over stocks
Bonds have been favoured by investors, even though stocks look better value...

A month dictated by fear
Fear dictated the relative performance of all financial assets - bonds, equities and currencies, over the last month. Investors increasingly took on a fight or flight mode.

Solutions to the worlds energy efficiency and water conservation challenges.
Many of us will be wishing we had indeed \"sold in May and gone away\" as May proved to be the worst month since last September, for the stockmarket.

The first real retail ethical fund in the UK, and the profitability of a clean energy future.
Equity markets have continued their upward momentum for most of April, with a few blips along the way. There is still concern in the Eurozone over the plight of the Spanish economy, but relatively good corporate news from the US has helped keep the more positive sentiment going.

ISA and Junior ISA allowances
Tax shelters for you and the kids

Building efficiency and ethical investing.
Equity markets have enjoyed their best first quarter since the boom years of the late 1990s. Our pick for the Ethical/Renewable Energy Portfolio this month is driven by the fact that in the quest to turn back carbon emission, it would appear that building energy efficiency comes high up the order.

Exploiting the huge potential in waste-based renewable energy generation
Our pick for the Ethical/Renewable Energy Portfolio this month is clearly focused on water and sewerage services; recycling; renewable energy and waste management.

Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.