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The 5:2 Diet

How to live like  Oprah, no matter how much you earn!

 Women walking dogs

When you think of a multi-millionaire, you may find yourself star struck by the thought of all that money and the lifestyle it would bring. Would this bring you true wealth and contentment? Without contentment all the money in the world would not make you feel, truly wealthy. 

When is too much never enough?

We can find our self frequently saying, I would be content if only I had... So we have identified immediately that there are two issues at stake here - money and contentment.

Some of the richest women in the world have found great contentment, but not solely as a result of their money. Take Oprah for example, she's got a huge house, fabulous clothes and her own jet.  But it is not the vast amount of money she has that gives her meaning and fulfillment.

Surely we know, (or at least have a sneaking suspicion!), that having material possessions and wanting more and more will not bring us lasting happiness. (This is the part where we know that our happiness often lies in the quality of our relationships and of liking the meaning we have made of our lives).

However, there's a pull here isn't there? We do like beautiful objects and often get a lot of pleasure through our physical experiences. To put further pressure on us, there is a world of advertising out there telling us that we need more and more things in order to be successful, beautiful, happy etc etc, indeed that is all the advertising world exists for.

And there lies the trap, it's like spending our whole lives (and I really mean whole lives), on  a hamster wheel. Always  wanting more and never, ever reaching the end and knowing the value of what we do have or that we have enough.

Did you or your children have a pet hamster? I remember a particular family member, flopsy, (yes, a hamster, not a child!), was happiest when outside of the cage. Her life became much more interesting and exciting.

It is true for us too, life is much more interesting when we are out there consciously living it  rather than spending all our hard earned, or skilfully invested cash on that hamster wheel always wanting more and more stuff!

If we face up to the fact that these fabulous physical bodies of ours will all be compost one day, we can decide to treat ourselves intelligently with the love and respect we deserve right now.

During a speech at Duke's University Oprah said "you haven't completed the circle of success, until you help someone else move to a higher ground and get to a better place." Clearly what gives Oprah great pleasure is to use her money to make a real difference to people's lives.  If you make a decent income, you can live as well and as fulfilled a life as the richest person. 

Pink Investments will show you how...

Start by identifying some of life's basic experiences, sleeping, eating & drinking, clothing, working and leisure time. Most women would agree, that the purpose of becoming rich, would be to make each of these experiences as fulfilling as possible.  The more money you have, the more choices you have in terms of your lifestyle.


What does a billionaire want out of her sleep time? 

Probably the same thing you would - blissful, comfortable uninterrupted repose. What could bring you this? Peace of mind, which is something you can't buy AND a great mattress!  A really good mattress needn't cost a fortune. By purchasing the best quality mattress, you can buy yourself a millionaire's sleep.

So, get rid of that old uncomfortable mattress and find yourself the absolute best mattress you have ever laid on.  Buy it and go to sleep content in the knowledge that a millionaire can have no better sleep.

Quality or Prestige?

You can pay almost any price for anything. After a certain price point you are no longer paying for quality, you are paying for prestige.

Eating and Drinking - Quality or Prestige

Ask a chef  who knows about beef and you will be told that the quality of steak is entirely a matter of the meat you buy. Take Wagyu beef, it is fantastic. It is not cheap. However, if you buy this you will be eating the best steak money can buy. You cannot buy any better at a top hotel or restaurant. What's the difference?  Just prestige.

Champagne - Quality or Prestige

Wine experts in the USA tested a variety of champagnes and found that out of the five best, four cost less than $40. Dom Perignon came in at number five. It costs around $115 a bottle, with Bollinger at around the same price. By all means treat yourself on special occasions, but terrific champagnes can be had for much less. The Pink Investment team celebrated recently with Jansz from Tasmania, which cost around $26 per bottle.

And so it goes on. The same thing is true when it comes to your clothing. Beautiful, comfortable clothes are not cheap, but they don't have to cost a fortune.  You can buy the world's best dress for a reasonable price or you can spend 10 times that amount. The difference will be the label.

The point we are trying to make is this: The best material things in life are affordable. They are not cheap, because quality never is. But if you buy them selectively and use them with care, you can enjoy a life as materially rich as Oprah, on an income that she would earn in a day! 

Here's how you can live like Oprah, starting today:

Your Dream House

Whether you have lived in a one room mud brick house in Southern Turkey, a studio flat in London or a nine bedroom mansion, you will know that the quality of a home has very little to do with how much it costs or how big it is.

Think about the houses you most admire. They are probably not huge, palatial or flashy. Your favourite might be the modest, three bedroom home of a friend that she has lovingly renovated and that mirrors her love of travel, literature and art.  Every room having great character and being fabulously comfortable.

What is the value of such a home? 

Absolutely priceless to the owner, but it probably would not have a million dollar price tag. Anyone on a good salary can afford a dream home. Oprah would get no more pleasure out of her homes than this one!

Your Car

Contrary to common myths many women do love great sports and classic cars. Many of the women that love cars have a great eye for quality and performance as opposed to pure prestige. Some of the current cars that carry top end price tags, do not carry top end performance or value.

If you are looking for a classic car, then you may think about buying a second hand classic, whose design doesn't change every year or so. You can pick up a nearly new Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover or Audi, at much less than the showroom prices.

In fact, in terms of 'living rich' you need never buy a new car. You will save an absolute  bundle by purchasing a late model vehicle with low mileage. If it has been well looked after, it will still drive well and look great!

Your Wardrobe

What does it cost to dress like the world's richest? 

Much less than you might think. If you can forget about brand names and learn about quality, you will save thousands and still look great. As with cars, you'll do better by going after a classic look. That's because you won't have to discard perfectly good items simply because the hem line has changed.

The other big secret of dressing rich is: 'less is more'. Take Ralph Lauren, here  is a man who has the money and the style to dress as rich as can be. However; he wears the same thing almost every day, classic cut jeans and a tee shirt. 

You can dress beautifully in second-hand clothes.  You could pick up a pair of Dolce and Gabbana jeans at the second hand clothing or charity shop. They could be like new and cost a fraction of the retail price.

The fashion followers will change their wardrobe several times a year and of course these clothes must go somewhere. You will find that a few really nice items are much better, more enjoyable for you, more impressive to others, than a huge wardrobe of trendy, mass produced, ordinary clothes.

The Rule is...Have much less, but love everything you have.

The trick for contentment here is knowing what you love because you've taken the time to discover it for yourself. Choosing good quality products means that you're going to have these things that you love for a lot longer.

Keep conscious of this basic rule when you are buying products or buying experiences. Remember the most essential element is to know and appreciate what you are giving to yourself and those whom you share your life with. You can then fully enjoy every experience or product in the present moment, which is after all the only time that we have.

Stick to this simple rule and you will have what Oprah can afford to have - a very pleasant feeling each time you pull on your top or slip on your shoes.

Food and Drink

Want to have a million-dollar meal? Take a good bottle of wine, a loaf of freshly baked bread, some cheese, olives  and vine ripened tomatoes  and go to the nearest park with a friend or loved one. You need only a knife, glasses  and a corkscrew to prepare and serve a truly memorable meal.

If there is an expensive restaurant you are dying to try, go ahead and treat yourself.  But, not too often. After you have eaten at countless expensive restauraunts the novelty will wear off and it is no longer a treat.  After all, there are probably few expensive meals that will surpass a simple wine and cheese lunch in France, on the Canal Du Midi!

You can easily eat like a millionaire without spending a fortune. What better way to bolster your sense of wellbeing!

Music, Books, Films and Entertainment

With today's excellent audio technology, you can pick up a terrific music system quite cheaply. Spend a bit more if you are a real music lover. But if you don't have enough to buy the whole system in one go, you can buy it as separate items.

The secret is in the music you select. There is music that can make you feel like a millionaire. Whatever your taste may be: Mozart's - Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major or Pink singing Angel with Sarah McLachlan, the point is you have just as much access to these pieces of music as the world's wealthiest billionaire!

The same principle applies to books, the best ones cost no more than the worst ones. Treat yourself  to a good read. Take Jane Austen for example, you can purchase a full set of her works, at a really affordable price. 

The same is true for movies, the theatre and just about every form of entertainment. If you fill your life with all the luxuries that money can buy, but you are too busy and don’t have the time to enjoy them, then you need to rebalance your life! The way you dress, eat, drink and enjoy culture can be as good as any millionaire’s. 

"As green maybe the new black, time is the new wealth. Many of today's millionaire women are time poor.  If you can sleep soundly, eat well, live in a home that you love, drive a nice car, dress tastefully, whilst taking the time to listen to good music or read a good book, then you are as wealthy as any person on this planet!."

Yvonne Jenkins: Director Ethical Financial Services 




Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.
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