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Holistic Money


What has money got to do with mind, body, spirit ?

Well, to truly understand your attitude towards money and your relationship with money is to truly understand yourself.  Is this why so many of us shy away from it and never really confront it ?
Most women believe that their relationship with money and how much they have is due to external factors.  We’re going to show you that this isn’t true.


The single biggest factor to influence your relationship with money is your own self esteem. 

We  believe that the more money we have the more successful we are and this then affects our view of our own self worth. Consequently,  if our net worth is below where we think it should be we conclude that we’re not successful and we create internal voices that criticise us for not living up to the expectations we have set for ourselves. All of this serves to lower our self esteem. The link between income and wellbeing.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like or, to put that in other words, that energy follows intention. So, wherever you put your focus is where the energy will flow. Whatever we focus on we will draw energy to that issue, person, event, thing.

So if we know that we have issues with money or money management then by keeping our focus in this area we continue to draw energy to it.  This  undermines our self esteem even further and so we create  a circular energy flow that keeps us stuck in a place where we believe that our net worth and thus our self worth are way below our own expectations and thus we get caught in a vicious cycle. The energy just keeps going round and round and endorses the negative feelings we have towards ourselves.


We think that the way out of this cycle is to improve our net worth and so we endeavour to get more money/wealth. But here’s the myth...the way out of this vicious cycle is not to focus on your net worth but on your self worth!!

The level of control a woman feels she has over her finances and the amount of money she has influence her self-esteem and self-confidence. The more confident she feels in her ability to manage her finances the greater her self esteem. So just as the Law of attraction with energy following intention can keep us in a negative vicious cycle it can also elevate us up towards a virtuous cycle using exactly the same principles.

In other words, if our self esteem is strong then that sense of self worth feeds our sense of net worth too. Energy is just energy, it doesn’t differentiate between good or bad energy it just flows wherever you put your focus ie your intention.

So if you focus on your ability to take care of your financial position, then that’s exactly what you’ll create, an ability to take care of your financial position. Similarly if you focus on your inability to do that or feeling that it’s all beyond your knowledge and capability or you simply put your head in the sand then that’s what you’ll continue to create.

You’ve heard people say you are what you eat or you are what you think and this is absolutely true. Whatever you focus on is what you’ll attract. So if you focus on your lack of money or if you have a fear about not really being in control of your finances or not understanding them then that’s where your energy, your attention, your focus, your intention is going and so you’ll keep attracting more of the same.

If you focus on your own intrinsic value - this is where your energy will flow.

This is why positive affirmations are so important- find out more about affirmations.

Consequently your relationship with yourself changes and so your relationship with everything else also changes, whether that’s with other people, your job, your health, your time or your money.  As with all relationships, your relationship with money will ease and flow more effortlessly.

So to summarise, your financial status is the output, manifestation or consequence of your beliefs about your own self worth, self esteem. The energy follows these beliefs and intentions as money is a form of energy.

This is the opposite of what most people think. They typically attribute their self worth as a consequence of their net worth. Instead, we are saying that it’s NOT money that determines how we are but rather how we are that determines our relationship with money.

This is a really important and fundamental principle that we want women to grasp so let’s look at it in a bit more detail....

As women we typically undervalue ourselves and/or have difficulty in asking for what we believe we are truly worth.

Self worth is exactly what the name implies...it is all about how we value ourselves not about how other people value us.

Net worth is an external measure of how much money we may or may not have.

Our self worth , on the other hand, is an internal measure. It measures how a woman feels about herself. What does she feel her skills and strengths to be? What value and gifts can she offer as her service to her community/society/planet?

When we have self worth issues it means that we are not living up to our own expectations.

How many women do you know who set the bar incredibly high for themselves and then feel like failures and inadequate because they don’t achieve it?

 How many women try to be a great friend, daughter, sister, employee, boss, entrepreneur, partner, mum, homemaker, charity supporter and actually do a fantastic job but still feel they’re not good enough and so their self esteem plummets and they chase their tails in an ever vicious cycle?

For many women they don’t have the energy or time, to add managing their finances to this already over-stretched list or if they do then it falls into the same vicious cycle of feeling inadequate in it.

We think it’s critically important to highlight to women this fundamental link between your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself, or your self worth.

Apart from highlighting it and helping you recognise it in yourself and understand it we want to offer you the tools to change it.

If you choose to, you can transform your relationship with money by either educating yourself to enable you to achieve the standards you set for yourself (all the info on this website enables you to do that) or you can change the expectations you set for yourself so that they are more aligned and congruent with where you are right now.

So let’s now move on to how we go about changing the mindset.


Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.
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