Empowering women in finance

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Our philanthropic origin


The main driver for Pink Investments when it was started 7 years ago was indeed a philanthropic one.

We believed that the quality of human life could be improved if women the world over were empowered in financial matters. We see it as our role to raise the profile of this awareness as well as to provide the tools to change it by educating women.

We felt there was a social imbalance in the world where women were often not encouraged or helped to understand money, keeping them small and dependent. This was harming our planet and we wanted to play whatever role we could in changing it to one that is more balanced where the world will benefit from the power of women and money:-remember that a women spends 90% of her money on her family and therefore her community.

To this end we not only give all of the information and tools on our website for free but we also encourage the development of a community of women through Pink Investments who can help and support each other by sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences.

As we said in the “what is philanthropy” section, for us it’s about the heart and not just about money.

 Yes money is often needed to facilitate some projects but philanthropy starts with the heart and with compassion.

This is what gives us the motivation to keep the site going and also what gives us the motivation to extend our philanthropic outreach beyond our readers and support our 2 main beneficiary groups.


We have chosen to support 2 very important groups of women. They are:

1. Investing in adolescent girls to transform intergenerational poverty

2. Investing in women who can change the consciousness of our society and thus our world. It is often the case that Philanthropists take on social justice issues before governments do – it’s been part of the process of human evolution.

 Some things governments won’t or can’t do and so private resources have been a necessity to get them going. Our work falls into this category.

 So philanthropy isn’t just about giving resources, sometimes it’s also about creating a model to show that it works in order to then get government interest.

It’s about Community and compassion in that community and about actively being involved to create a new and better world for us all to benefit from.

 It’s about SOCIAL CHANGE and a Desire to change the status quo. Philanthropists are both broad and diverse. For us it’s definitely not just about rich people and not just about poor people. For us it’s about the process of giving to empower yourself and most importantly empowering the woman receiving it.

Where you see an injustice and inequality you can’t just walk away. Our work supports women from every walk of life and it is one of our values to treat every one of them with the same care, compassion, love and respect.

Sceptics of philanthropy would say that all humans are only motivated by self-interest. We contest that and argue that when it comes to women they find it easy to operate from a philanthropic perspective.

Connecting with another’s heart and emotions is something we women excel in. Even if you’re not in a position to give financially to an injustice that touches your heart you can always help further the cause.

 The advent of social media and women’s use of that communication forum is a good case in point. Look at the huge rise in internet based campaigns that have not only raised the world’s attention to injustices and inequalities but they have led to millions signing petitions and often over-turning negative practices.

Humans are born to work together in a Cooperative way. It is in our genes from the beginning of time, without it our human race would not have survived and grown. It’s those inherent genes and behaviour that we seek to re-awaken.

Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.