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How Can We Help

There are a great many ways to benefit from the information freely given by Pink Investments: 

Solve a problem 

Whether you are dealing with debt, planning for your retirement, seeking alternative investments, looking  for a wealth and wellbeing balance, or just need to take more control of your money?  Pink Investments covers it all.

Make some decisions 

Using our resources, review your financial situation, set some goals and timelines, discover all the options open to you and make your decision to move ahead.

Pick up new skills

Learn about the full spectrum of investments from debt to derivatives. Make your money work harder for you.

Turn things around

Focus on one aspect at a time, make full use of our resources to formulate your plans.

Put into action

Apply your new skills, whether you're building your wealth, trading yourself or have an existing broker, you can achieve much more.

Step in the right direction

Now you know your path you can start to move ahead and we will provide an arm to link on your way.

Independence found

Reap the rewards from your fresh proactive approach to managing your own money.

Something for you

Whatever your financial status, level of knowledge or geographical location, Pink Investments has something for you. As an absolute beginner you can access courses and information within our learning centre, free downloads and eBooks. As you progress you can benefit from the next level of courses and resources within the website.

For the more advanced investor our  main eBook will allow you to supplement your existing knowledge, to make even more informed financial decisions. 


Your questions 

I have a broker who manages my investments for me, why would I need anything else?

Our content  and learning courses introduce you to a wide range of topics often not covered by mainstream websites. We aim to enhance your current system not replace it. You can pass on information to your broker to trade for you, should you choose to do so.

You have the comprehensive resources on hand that  provide you with the ability to learn more and therefore be proactive in the management of your own money.

I lost my job recently and have mounting debts. Does Pink Investments have anything for my situation or is it reserved for investors?

We have introduced and will continue to upgrade our extensive free resources that you can use to start tackling your debt today.  You have full access to our debt resources on the main website and in the learning centre. Debt is nothing  to be ashamed of, after all many women at some point in their lives are in a similar position.

It is possible to turn your situation around go to the learning centre and take some of our free online courses. It may be easier than you think to banish the debt monster.

I am about to inherit money and I don't know what to do with it for the best, where can I access information on the available options?

First of all, we dont give financial advice. Do nothing rash. Make no decisions until you have a basic level of understanding. The more you know about money the better your decisions will be. You should aim at proactive involvement with your bank manager, financial planner, financial adviser or whoever you are dealing with. Do not be restricted by your lack of knowledge, to passive involvement.  

Our learning centre free courses will provide you with a better understandng of financial matters. Even if you have a fairly good knowledge of money matters to begin with. Once you have completed this you will have a better understanding than most advanced investors! The key is knowing the questions to ask!

I have a collection of paintings.  My current income is quite small, is there anything I can do to boost my income without selling my paintings?

This is an interesting question and probably affects far more women than you would imagine. Women  inherit art works or other valuable assets frequently.

There are a number of legitimate businesses that operate a scheme by which your artwork could be rented out. What you gain by way of income will depend on many factors, such as the quality and demand for your pieces. In our alternative investments art section you will find more information and a link to businesses that may be interested in renting your paintings.

I am retired and have a large property in Sydney, Australia, which is completely paid for. I don't want to sell or move from here, but I have next to no income to live on.   I have heard that some people are able to borrow money from their house, is this true?

This is called equity release or reverse mortgage. Because women are living to much older ages, it is no longer frowned upon to erode some of your capital in later life. We discuss this subject in our ebook, along with many other important topics. 

Also you may wish to visit Sequal -Senior Australians Equity Release Association of Lenders. Sequal is a not for profit association who's mission is to ensure the professionalism of those who offer or distribute Equity Release products for senior Australians.

Membership to Sequal is voluntary. You will find most of the big lenders are members. Only members may display the Sequal logo. For more information visit them at www.sequal.com.au

This is a common situation therefore, any of our members in the UK can go to www.ship-ltd.org or in the USA can go to www.reversemortgage.org

Be very careful before making any decisions about a reverse mortgage. Always seek expert advice first.


Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.