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Pink Investment Profiles

Yvonne Jenkins

Yvonne has worked in the financial services sector since 1986.

She was one of  the early pioneers in ethical Investing. In  the late 1980's there were very few brokerages focused on ethical investments. Her clients included rock bands, archaeologists  and British blue bloods that did not want to sacrifice their morals to invest.

Yvonne has been an entrepreneur  from an early age. Most notably when she cleaned out her piggy bank at the age of ten to buy a whole van load of cakes to sell at a fair.  She made a great profit and the money was used to buy her first shares in UK blue chips. 

Today, Yvonne is semi retired and works on a consulting basis only.  She is an avid reader, travels regularly and keeps up to date with world events via her extensive network of contacts in the financial world.  



 Bruce Spedding

One of the most important things with any internet based business is to have a web builder with exceptional technical ability combined with flair, talent, flexibility and a keen sense of humour. Bruce meets all these and has many other talents to boot.  

The development of a product with all the women centric  components of  Pink Investments, is very complex. Bruce has the balance and understanding of technology to weave all these components into a  working website.

Bruce first burst onto the internet scene when his New Zealand Windsurfing Guide  (http://www.winzurf.co.nz) was rated as the most complete of it's type anywhere in the world. It  won the inaugural TUANZ web design competition and was featured in the PC magazine's annual top 100 site list. 

Bruce has been manager of the New Zealand Government Web Site and his work with the New Zealand Metservice  involved the development of ecommerce websites for industry including  the public site, CupMet (Americas Cup), MetNet (pay per view public  site), Metconnect (subscription weather) and the weather component for the VodafoneLive site. All these sites are dynamic, database driven and highly configurable.

As we continue to extend Pink Investments and produce the core site in multiple languages, Bruce will be busy for some time to come!  


Sandra Broman

Award winner builder, author and artist, Sandra is an excellent contributor to many of our alternative investments segments. She has inspired many women over the years and is a breath of fresh air to work with.    

Sandra's book, Built Like a Woman, Murdoch books 2004, is an inspirational, motivational and practical guide to DIY specifically written for women. Sandra was voted DIY handymum of the year in 2003 by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and has had her work featured on television on numerous occasions.  

Sandra did not let the fact that she didn't have enough money,to buy the house she wanted get in her way - she built her own from scratch!  In her book, she gives advice on how to get started, how to keep your relationships intact, how to manage your budget and ensure your site is safe. She tells you all you need to know about raising kids on a building site, cooking without a kitchen and bathing without a bathroom. 

Currently, Sandra is managing the translation of Pink Investments into Swedish.  This will be the first of our non English- speaking product roll -outs.    

 Our regular contributors

Our regular contributors consist of a number of field specialists from a wide range of areas. Writing for the alternative investments segment , we have professionals from the wine industry, antiques and collectables, property and building, art gallery owners and many others.  



Disclaimer: All the information above is provided as a service for individuals and institutions. It should in no way be construed as a recommendation as an investment. Investment decisions should be based on the risk tolerance and planning horizon of the investor. Market participants must understand that past performance is also not a guarantee or predictor of future results.